Environmental & Energy Services


The environmental & energy services include, but are not limited to:



  • Reports and studies especially in English


  • Environmental Audits (Due Diligence Audits, Environmental Site Assessments, based on ASTM  E1527 or ISO 14015) and Compliance Audits; environmental investigations, e.g. as part of mergers and acquisitions


  • Support in the preparation of environmental management systems (ISO 14001 or EMAS II) as well as energy management systems (ISO 50001)


  • Internal Environmental & Energy Audits


  • Environmental & Energy Audits for small businesses


  • Coordinator for emission, waste, water protection and safety


  • Cleaner Production (PIUS) Projects


  • Surveys and management plans for hazardous building materials


  • Supervision of site investigations, borings, remediations, sampling, etc.


  • Customer support in industrial wastewater treatment issues, especially of electroplating and metal finishing waste streams


  • Evaluations of hazardous materials storage facilities according to VAwS regulations